4 Power Branding Tips Guaranteed to Help Architects

Vineet Suri

Architects who build their ‘Magnetic Brand’ will replace those who don’t in the future ‘Digital Marketplace’
Are YOU prepared for this change?

Vineet Suri


Success in any business is influenced by the social, cultural, economic, and technological behavior and characteristics of the society it operates in. A business can only thrive if it evolves and moves with the times.

  • This holds true for Architects as well. Architects must recognize and appreciate the changing societal circumstances and the way the market behaves.
  • We all know deep inside that recognition, money, more clients with ease and fulfillment are the most important fundamental measuring parameters of any business’s success.
  • If you really want to create an impact & wealth, build your personal Brand before it’s too late!
  • Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to run a successful business? WE ALL DO. RIGHT?

Changing with the Changing Economy

  • As we move from the ‘Information Economy’ into an ‘Experience & Creator Based Economy, ‘ For Architects to be able to compete and succeed in today’s competitive economy, it will become very important to learn to promote and showcase their services. Simply speaking, it means that you must brand and differentiate yourself by leveraging the power of content creation and digital media.
  • Now here’s the thing, everybody tells you to use digital media and showcase yourself if you want to succeed. And it’s true that to succeed, you will need to work on making yourself visible and branding yourself as an expert.
  • But then comes the Million Dollar Question: Why don’t these branding/ marketing efforts always give the desired results? Why is it that many Architects and Architectural Firms face disappointments while branding???
  • This is because no one teaches you how to prepare yourself before launching your branding & marketing campaign.
  • For your Branding exercise to be effective, you need to first be clear on and formulate these four elements of successful branding.

Be Clear on your Mission & Purpose

For branding to be successful, you need to be very clear about your company’s purpose, beliefs and mission. And then, you need to communicate these to your customers; this
will help establish an emotional bond with them.

Your company’s declaration of beliefs and what it stands for will create an emotional connection with your customers. Keeping this in mind, formulate a clear Brand strategy,
then make sure that all your campaigns, interactions and messages are aligned with your Brand strategy.

Define your Customer

Before designing your Magnetic Branding Framework, you need to understand who your target audience is; understanding the persona and psychology of your client is
critical. This understanding cannot be merely demographic.

Though age, gender, location, marital status, number of children and occupation etc. are big criteria, you must
understand the underlying psychological buying behavior too.
Unless you know who you are pitching to, your campaign and efforts will never be fruitful.

Design your Service/Product

Now that you are clear on your purpose and have understood the requirements, desires and psychology of your customer well, it is time to plan, design and enhance your service to meet their requirements in a better way.

Designing your service is a systematic process of making your business more valuable and attractive to your customers. It is a 3-stage

First, you must attract them by providing an irresistible or easy-to-buy product which gives them high value. Once they come to you, begin to offer them regular services. Finally, when your clients trust you completely, offer them high profitability services that are low effort on your part.

When you showcase a clear well-designed service at the appropriate stage in your branding/ marketing campaign, you will get amazing results.

Define your USP

A Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point is a new-age branding strategy of making a unique proposition that encourages and convinces customers to switch to your Brand. It is used for successful branding/advertising campaigns. Defining your own USP makes you different from the others.

Choose a core strength and focus your branding efforts on that niche instead of trying to cater to everyone. When you target a focused niche with a defined USP, your lead generation will be authentic, and your client conversion rate will be much higher.

If you work on all these 4 steps before actually launching your branding/marketing efforts on digital and other media, I guarantee you will achieve phenomenal results in your business. With these 4 preparatory steps to Successful Branding done right, nothing will be able to stand in your way of standing tall above your competition.

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