5 New-age Branding Tools Every Architect Needs to Succeed!

If you really want to create an impact & income, build your personal brand before it’s too late!

Vineet Suri

Change with the Changing World

    • With the changing world scenarios and digitalization being the new norm, traditional means of marketing will no longer work if you want your architectural practice to be center stage.
    • With growing competition, the practice of architecture is changing. It is no longer enough to just do great work and let only your work speak for you. It has now become important to showcase and highlight that good work too.
    • Your work, of course, should always be innovative and impeccable, but to truly attract premium clients and fulfilling work, it is essential to focus on having a roaring digital presence to reach out to a wider range of prospects and potential business.
    • While you must continue growing business through word of mouth with happy clients, networking with other firms, and attending seminars and other industry- related events, it’s time to begin using the new-age marketing and branding tools NOW!
    • If you are serious about reaching and staying on top, you need to level up your game and here is how you do it…

    Use these FIVE effective marketing & branding TOOLS and see how you attract a FLOW of genuine NEW LEADS resulting in MORE BUSINESS & PROFIT plus a brand identity.
    [To make sure you use these tools effectively, build a solid background by reading my BLOG on 4 POWER BRANDING Tips Guaranteed to help Architects Stand Out & Succeed here]

    1. A Website

    If you have not invested in a halfway decent website, believe me, you are leaving business out for the competition on a platter. This is the “bread, butter and even jam” of all firms, more so for small & medium- sized architectural firms looking to scale up and transform their business. There are numerous effective yet pocket friendly services for website designing & hosting in the market.
    Your website need not be fancy, it needs to be professional, mobile friendly and responsive (quick loading, not more than 5 seconds)

    2. Blogging

    The most effortless way to put yourself out there and reach a wide client base is blogging. A blog is an easy way to share content that is useful and relevant to your prospects.
    A blog can also be a great vehicle to keep your prospects and clients updated on trends, developments and launches in architecture in general and your firm in particular.
    Through blogging, you not only attract new potential clients, but it also helps you stay connected with existing clients.
    Many prospective clients use blogs as research material to decide whether the architect has a voice/presence in the digital world before choosing an architect. So make sure you have some interesting blogs to your credit showcasing your design philosophy and sensibility, or some practical DIY tips etc.

    3. Videocasting/ YouTubing

    Videos are a great way for architects to connect with clients and prospects in a more face-to-face direct manner. Videos are the fastest growing and most popular method of communication to connect with a larger audience.
    Videos allow architects to showcase their personality and design sensibilities instead of just talking about projects or their firms.
    Through videos, you can actually take your potential clients on a virtual tour of your work and design process, building a deeper and direct connection with them.

    4. Leveraging Social Media

    Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all social media platforms that are waiting to be exploited if you are not doing so yet. They all have a much wider reach than any traditional methods would have. They are not limited by logistic boundaries.
    They are all creative mediums conducive to showcasing your design & innovation and establishing you as an expert.
    Use these platforms to build a deeper bond and brand identity in people’s minds by initiating informal chats, Q&A sessions, DIY sessions, webinars, and virtual tours of properties designed by you.

    5. Speaking Engagements

    Make sure you are heard in your community. Network and be seen across social media to be in the spotlight.
    This will bring you opportunities to speak at the industry as well as at general events.
    Offer free webinars of your own, to begin with. All this exposure will establish your credentials, and people will be inclined to choose you. This exposure will indeed bring you new business opportunities.

    Scaling it Up

    If done rightly with proper guidance, these marketing/branding activities can give you transformational results.
    Those who are serious about scaling up and succeeding massively at your business and wish to brand themselves and stand out in today’s crowded place without taking too much time away from doing what really matters – providing exceptional design services can learn more success secrets from my book “New Age Branding For Architects” by clicking here.
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